Served Until 4pm
** items noted are unavailable gluten free

Omelette Toppings 
bacon, coconut bacon, chicken, chorizo, veggie sausage, onions, mushrooms, olives, peppers, spinach, tomato, kale
Premium Toppings
+ $1 avocado, roasted red pepper, goat cheese, chao vegan cheese


Available Additions: chicken ($4) avocado($3) veg sausage ($4) smoked tofu ($4)


with soup, green salad or fries


with soup, green salad or fries

Choose your patty: house made beef & pork patty, veggie patty, portobello cap, or grilled chicken breast

Available Additions: guacamole ($4) avocado ($3)coconut bacon($2) bacon ($3) havarti ($2)
cheddar ($2) swiss ($2) goat cheese ($2) chao vegan cheese ($2)


Food without politics. Enjoy whatever you choose to eat, and eat it with friends. Help us ensure your meal is accurately prepared by telling us if you follow a Vegan, Dairy Free, Meat Free or Gluten Free diet. Please also advise us of any allergies you have. We will do our best to accommodate. We cannot guarantee any cross-contamination.


$7 Grilled Cheese
$7 Lil Chili
$7 Lil Meatloaf
$5 Fries n’ dip
$6 Lil Greens
$6 Lil Caesar


with soup, green salad or fries